If you are a festival, nonprofit,

community organization, student

club, theater,  or an individual, we

welcome you to host a screening in

your community, at any location

that works for you. Rustic Lantern

Films encourages you to use its

films as an fundraising opportunity.


Hosting a Rustic Lantern Films

screening in your community is

easy; just keep in mind that you'll need to rent a copy of the film before using the DVD for your community event. Our screening rental fees are:




 Non-profit Organizations    One Screening - $500

                                            Two Screening - $750

                                            Three Screenings - $1000


  For-profit Organizations    One Screening  - $750

                                            Two Screenings - $1125

                                            Three Screenings - $1500


The rental fees can be paid in advance or within 10 business days after the screening.


We, at Rustic Lantern Films, strives to keep the process simple as possible. Before you click on the Host a Screening button, please have the following information ready:




1.) Your Contact Information

2.) The Organization that You are Representing*

3.) Time, Date and Location of the Screening

4.) $80 Booking Fee Payment (Credit Card)


* - We may require you to show proof of your organization's nonprofit status.


Once we receive your application and $80 booking fee, we will send you a link to some of the artwork for you to create your own flyers and social media promotions. Your information will be posted our our Upcoming Screenings listing.


We will be sending the DVD to you 5 business days before the screening. When you get the DVD, please test the DVD to ensure that it's working on your DVD Player. After the screening, you will send the DVD back to us with a pre-paid return envelope. The DVD must be sent back to us two days after your screening.


That's it. It's really that simple!


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for screening!

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